The Lower9

A Film by Matthew Hashiguchi

A Story of Home

Matthew Hashiguchi

(Director and Producer)

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Matthew Hashiguchi is an award winning filmmaker, photographer and cinematographer originally from Cleveland, Ohio. In 2007, after graduating with a BA in Photojournalism from The Ohio State University, he went to work and intern as a multimedia journalist for newspapers in Ohio and Washington DC.

While working as a documentary video journalist for The Washington Post, Hashiguchi made several provocative short documentary films that received praise and attention online, receiving hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of days. Hashiguchi decided to leave the world of journalism to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking.

In May 2011, Hashiguchi graduated from Emerson College with and MFA in Visual & Media Arts. Currently, he is completing his first feature-length documentary, titled “The Lower 9: A Story of Home” and also branching out into commercial and narrative work. Hashiguchi combines his experience as a journalist with his understanding of image, sound and pacing to tell a compelling story.

Elaine McMillion


Elaine McMillion is an award-winning journalist who uses storytelling techniques gained through writing, in addition to experience in research, audio/video production and photography, to express a story visually through film. McMillion has over four years of experience writing, producing, shooting and editing for various mediums across platforms.

After graduating with a BS in News Editorial Journalism and working in the field of newspapers for three years, McMillion left the world of journalism to pursue a career in non-fiction film. As a filmmaker, McMillion’s short and feature works focus on unique individuals with striking stories who represent contemporary social and cultural issues.

She is currently in post-production of a historical documentary film titled, Lincoln County Massacre. Through contemporary footage, interviews and archival resources, the feature-length film explores the issue of police brutality in rural West Virginia.

Lee Strauss

Audio/Music Composition

Ryan Merrill

Web/Graphic Design